Monday, April 20 to Friday, April 24, 2020


6:00am, M / W / F

Meeting ID: 965 2522 1711

Password: phase5


9:00am, M / W / F

Meeting ID: 916 9935 1621

Password: phase5


6:30pm, M / T / Th

Meeting ID: 946 4132 9651

Password: phase5


Corona Virus Bonus Week

Pay to Participate.  This bonus week is a pay to participate.  An add on week of training during a time we would have had no classes, and have been off for our April Vacation / Empowerment Week.

Since we’re all sheltered in place because of the Corona Virus, we mine as well keep training.

A Majority is Needed.  We need a certain majority of people to sign up to keep the full, class schedule. If not, I’ll either cancel certain classes for the week or not have classes at all.

No Make Ups.  You can not use make ups from the previous phase to participate in this week. This is an add on, pay to participate, bonus week.