Challenge Week

Disclaimer:  Use your best judgment during these workouts.  Go at your own pace.  If you need to rest, take a break or drink water, do it.  It’s o.k.  Remember form is always first.  Do not sacrifice form for speed.  These challenges are not that important, your long term health & safety is.  These are fun & challenging workouts that you’ve been prepared for over the last few weeks and are designed to yield maximum results in short periods of time if you’re following the nutrition & cardio plan.  You may need additional caloric consumption, water, stretching/rolling, naps and/or rest on these days.  Take it, its o.k.

Challenge Day #1:  Individual

Round & Round We Go #1, & Shuttle Run Team Challenge-45 min

Workout A (20:10) Round & Round We Go Strength Challenge

Complete 6 rounds in as short of time as possible.

1 Round consists of 5 strength exercises and 1 cariocca lap.

Do 10 reps per strength exercise and 6×10 yards for each carioca lap.

5 strength exercises are:  squat jump turns, supine lying neutral elbow push, crouching push ups, lateral plank walk, and 1-leg hop.

*Hold each jump landing rep for 2 counts.

*Hold each  supine tricep push rep for 2 counts,

*Each time all 4 limbs move during lateral plank walk, counts as 1 rep (4 limbs = 1 rep).

*1-Leg Hop or Lateral Bound landings count as 1 rep regardless of left or right.  (left leg landing = 1 rep, left & right landing = 2 reps)

Individual Goal is 6 rounds in as little time as possible.  Record time to finish 6 rounds.

125 Abs Finisher

5 exercises, 25 reps per exercise

1.  alternate leg lower x 25

2.  6” flutters x 25 (2 sides count as 1)

3.  Push Up to Side Plank x25 push ups

4.  Alternate Reach x 25

5.  Trunk Rotation x 25 (2-sides count as 1)

Go in any order you choose and in any rep denomination you choose.

Individual Goal is 125 reps.  Record time at finish.

20Minute Shuttle Run Challenge

25 Yard Shuttle Run

Rookies 70 line touches in 20minutes

Sophomores 90 line touches in 20minutes

All-Stars 140 line touches in 20 minutes

Leaders 170 line touches in 20 minutes

Non-Runners, 10, 12, 14 or 16 Wall to Wall Sled Push Lengths for rookies, sophomores, all-stars and leaders respectively in 20 Minutes or Burpees (reps same as shuttle run)

Individual Goals:  Finish your goas in 20 minutes or less to beat the challenge.

Report times for the following by posting a comment below:

  1. Round & Round We Go
  2. Abs Finisher
  3. Shuttle Run (R, S, A-S, L)
  4. Total Time: