Thank you for reserving your space for the Carson Beach Workout!


This is going to be a real cool experience training @ the beach, under the pavilion, overlooking the Boardwalk, Carson Beach, Dorchester Bay and the Harbor Islands.  You’ll see runners going by, people walking their dogs and people who slept overnight at the beach.


We’ll start with our rolling routine, move on to a specific beach workout warm up, then we’ll use our bands for the All-American Beach Workout, targeting Beach Muscles.


I think you’re going to love it.


Please remember to:

  1. bring your foam roller
  2. bring your mat
  3. bring your super band
  4. bring your water bottle
  5. pay for the workout ($35) if you’re a non-2017 FAB #3 Winner!


See you soon!


Your coach,


Mike Alves