How would you like to be a part of Newton’s or even Boston’s only Body Changing Boot Camp for busy people, have your own personal coach and it’s 100% guaranteed?

[message_box title=”‘I have dropped two sizes. My husband noticed. I sleep more soundly. And for the first time in my life I enjoy exercising. What more is there to say? Michael is a wizard.'” color=”blue”]
Lisa Barrett, PhD
Professor, Author, Mother, Wife & Jump Rope Extraordinaire
Newton, MA[/message_box]

Thank you for your interest in Newton, Massachusetts’ Change Your Body Boot Camps. If you’re here, you must be curious as to what CYBBC is all about and maybe even what a boot camp is.

Change Your Body Boot Camps is your reason to get out of bed in the morning or to exercise after a long day.

Why is this important?

Think about how much energy and alertness you could have to enjoy a full day, not just parts of it. How about going through your closet and looking dynamite in everything you put on. Imagine the confidence you’ll walk with knowing you did you’re best and you’re now stronger (both inside and out) because of it.

[message_box title=”‘…My posture has improved, my lower back pain is gone and I can state with confidence that I’m in the best shape of my life and I’ve never been stronger, physically or mentally.'” color=”blue”]
Nanna Reykdal,
Wife, mother & now personal trainer
Newton, MA[/message_box]

Here’s why our Guaranteed Change Your Body Boot Camps is so effective.

All you have to do is give your best effort and attend every class of the boot camp phase.

If you’re not happy with your results at the end of the phase, just let me know and I’ll give you a full refund. No questions asked.

How many service businesses offer that type of satisfaction guarantee?

You’ll never have to worry about finding a parking space, there will be no intimidating meatheads and you’ll never have to wait to use a piece of equipment.

You’ll be surrounded by supportive people with similar goals to yours. You’ll experience exercise as fun and realize it’s possible to challenge different ability levels within the same workout.

[message_box title=”‘I now know what it’s like to be in shape. Before training with Michael Alves, I looked like I was in shape…but I wasn’t even close. I train with Michael in a group class. He provides just the right amount of instruction and push, always specific to the individual. When I started four months ago, I had very little command of the exercises. Now, I have command and confidence.'” color=”blue”]
Joe Amorosino
Newton, MA[/message_box]

You’ll get:

  • your own personal coach,
  • a guaranteed results-oriented strength & conditioning program,
  • a conditioning workout to do when you’re not with me,
  • a nutrition plan designed to give fast results,
  • a supportive environment of like minded peers working towards similar goals
  • introduced to a whole new way of living.

All of this, at a fraction of the cost of training one-on-one with me.


  • You’ll lose ugly body fat and inches.
  • You’ll become stronger and not just physically, but mentally and emotionally.
  • Your gut or stomach or belly or tummy will now be known as your core (or abs), and it will get harder.
  • You’ll look better naked (yup, I said it), fit your clothes better and probably have to get new duds.
  • You WILL change your body (repeat after me, ‘I will change my body’).
  • Your stamina will improve. If you have kids, you’ll be able to keep up with them. If you play sports, you’ll notice how much quicker, faster and enduring you are. If you work, your productivity will increase.


“As a life-long athlete and true ‘gym rat’, I figured I was knowledgeable and motivated enough that I didn’t need a personal trainer. Then I met Mike Alves. After a couple of years of watching him interact with his clients and seeing their joy and progress, when an opportunity arose to join him and another triathlete client, I decided to pass over the reigns of my strength routine to Mike and I’ve never regretted it. I’m stronger and fitter and my workout takes half the time it used to. For my sport, I’ve never felt stronger in my swim, I can bike for hours without my legs fatiguing, and Mike’s helped keep my running strong through focused injury prevention. Moreover, in each session, I learn something new about how the body works, Periodization, progression, and why I should do certain exercises for specific results. I’ve had other trainers tell me their clients comment on how they want to look like me and are so impressed with the routine I’m doing ~ ‘it looks so complicated, but it clearly works!’ I could have continued in my lengthy, maintenance routine, but why would I, when I can reach new fitness goals, be educated, and have fun in the process!”

Michelle R. Esq., CPT
Ironman Triathlete
Somerville, MA


You’ll feel better about yourself.

You’ll learn & do new things, you never thought possible.

Best of all, you’ll have fun doing it.

[message_box title=”‘Michael Alves brings enthusiasm, knowledge, and experience to every minute of training with his clients. He is intensely focused on giving each client a challenging AND safe workout. I’m leaner, stronger, and healthier. And best of all, it’s been FUN.” color=”blue”]
Marian D
Newton, MA[/message_box]

In summary, just like Nanna mentions above & Karen mentions below, you’ll get in the best shape of your life. How cool is that?

“Every week is hard, every week is challenging but every week I feel stronger and stronger. While training may not be for everyone, Mike has worked wonders for me, all of which I am very thankful for. I am in the best shape of my life right now and have the motivation and drive to continue thanks to Mike! What I never dreamed possible, is; what I never thought could happen, can; and that pant size I skipped over as a kid has now arrived.”

Karen Steponaitis, 41
Human Resources Manager
Newton, MA


R&R, Register and Receive these BONUSES:

Unlimited email support (Valued at $99.97/month)

1 Free Week (Valued at $60)

Optimal Nutrition Plan (Valued at $19.97)

Weekly Newsletter with tips & tricks to be successful (Valued at $19.97/year)

4 Week Fat Loss Jump Start Program (Valued at $24.97)

Membership to Our Online Community (Valued at $119.64/year)


These bonuses alone are worth a combined $469.46.

With Change Your Body Boot Camps, You WILL be Successful. This Program is Designed to Yield Results! The Rest is Now Up to You!

P.S. Don’t miss out on the Change Your Body Boot Camp. Class sizes are limited. If you fail to register early enough, you’ll be placed on a waiting list for the next phase.

P.P.S. Reserve your spot now, by signing up below.

P.P.P.S. Reservations close, Wednesday, May 7, 2014 @ 11:59pm, for the Phase 6 boot camp beginning, Sunday, May 18. All registrations received after that time will be placed on a waiting list for the Phase 7 Boot Camp beginning, Sunday, June 15, 2013.