Bonus Week

Here is the potential bonus week schedule for April 19-22, 2011:

6am, T / W / F @ B&G Club
8am, W / Th @ Mackenzie (8am is not a typo)
The bonus week will be a continuation of Phase 4 Workouts A, B & C in the form of a Challenge Week.

The reason you have to pay for the bonus week is because this wasn’t factored into membership dues so I’ll have to pay for gym rentals and for my time.

Choose Your Classes:
B&G Club (6am, T / W / F): 3 Day $60.00 B&G Club (6am, T / W / F): 2 Day. Pick Which Days. $44.00 B&G Club (6am, T / W / F): 1 Day. Pick Which Day. $25.00 Mackenzie (8am, W / Th): 2 Day. $44.00 Mackenzie (8am, W / Th): 1 Day. Pick which Day. $25.00
Which day (s) or comment?