Phase 6 Overview

Phase 6 will be the last phase of the quarter and will be followed by Post Measurements and Testing.  We’ll have 3 different routines, I call them, Workout A, B and C and each will be different, yet the same.

The rep ranges for each workout will be around 10 reps, which induces hypertrophy, a fancy way of saying you’ll get a lot of shape (ladies) and you’re muscles will get bigger (fellas), normally hypertrophy training is good to add size or bulk up, but when you take out the rest periods (and starches / liquid calories) while introducing inverted rest periods (we rest less than we work), it reduces the chance for bulk, allows you to maintain your lean mass, gain favorable shape and if combined with your nutrition and cardio plan, will allow you to decrease your body fat!  Yes!!!

Basically, show up to class, eat less and move more if you want to lose weight; show up to class, eat right and move right if you want to lose fat and see me if your goals are performance and/or muscle building for a more specific approach.

Workout A will be (2) 10 minute continuous circuits and Tennis Conditioning (we’ve increased work to rest ratio from 15:15 to 20:10).  Workout B will be a 1st time ever in CYBBC history a 20 minute continuous circuit consisting of 2minute rounds in which you circuit through 4 exercises, performing 10 reps per exercise while resting the remaining time.  We’ll continue our YTWLI shoulder finisher, but progress it to the floor and do the letters from a plank.  The conditioning will be the instant smile inducing Base running.

Workout C will be a Tabata workout (20:10) and 4minute Continuous Partner Band Relays for Conditioning.  The Tabata workouts are one of my favorite for glycogen depletion following a splurge meal, because it always sucks me out and gets me cut, while leaving me extremely sweaty with great shape to my muscles.  The band relays, will be very familiar, but in the continuous fashion it will allow you to work maximally for shorter sustainable periods at a significant caloric cost.  (burn baby burn!).

The TRX exercises this phase will be Anti-Rotation Presses (core) on W-A, Vertical Pulls (chin up progressions) on W-B and Horizontal Pulls (Inverted Rows) on W-C.

One of your peers from last phase said that phase 5 was the best phase ever and positive sentiment has been expressed by others, so I anticipate you loving your experience and results earned during this phase # 6.

Below is a breakdown of the weekly themes for the phase.

Week # Day 1 Day 2 Day 3
May 23 A#1:  sore week:  (2)-10min Cont. Circuits, 3 exercises/circuit, 10 reps/ex; 1min rest in b/w., 4-5 rounds is goal B#1:  sore week:  Continuous 20min circuit, 4 ex, 10r/ex, 2min/rd, rest remaining time in round C#1:  sore week:

20:10, 4 circuits of 8 rounds, 10-12 reps / exercise

May 30 A#2:  less sore week:  (2)-10min Cont. Circuits, 5=6 rounds is goal A#2:  less sore week:  Cont. 20min circuit w/ 2min rds B#2:  less sore week:  20:10
June 6 A#3:  Record Week:  (2)-10min Cont. Circuits, 6-7 rounds is goal B#3:  Record Week: Cont. 20min circuit w/ 2min rds C#3:  Record Week:  20:10
June 13 A#4:  Individual Challenge- 15 Round Strength,, 192 Rep Tennis Conditioning B#4:  Individual Challenge (20min) 400 rep Strength, 1Round (321) Shoulder Finisher,

15×90, 11×180, 9×240, 5×360 or 330 Rep DB Swing Conditioning

C#5:  Individual Challenge-360 Strength,, 16 Max Effort Rounds @ 20seconds in 10min or less; 20min w/ partner; (4HKR, 3LSR, 3LSL, 3BR, 3FP)

Post Measurements & Testing

Pending space availability, Measurements will be held at 7am, Saturday, June 11 and followed by Quarterly Testing.  You will need to rsvp for both measurements (free) and testing ($30) if you want to participate.

Click here to RSVP for Measurements.  1st to reply gets 1st time slot.

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Boot Camp Physical Performance Testing
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Motivational Closing (wink)

Let the feeling your best, feeling strong, having high energy with consistently up moods and receiving numerous compliments that create smile & blush muscles BEGIN!  J