Week 1 Recap

Hello and happy Monday!

You’ve completed your first week of boot camp for the 2010 season.  How do you feel?

I’m really curious what you thought about our shoulder finisher from the last class.  Was it effective?  J

Each week I will write to you and provide you with some updates and inspiration.  Got a question?  Send it to me and I’ll answer it.

This week’s agenda:

  • Week 1 Recap
  • Snow Day
  • Weekly Themes
  • Cardio Minutes
  • Guest Day
  • Measurements & Testing
  • Recovery Week Cardio
  • Billing
  • Change Your Body Challenge (CYBC)
  • Post Below

Snow Day Policy

If there is snow on the ground, but it is not snowing, class will most likely be on.

If there is snow on the ground and it is snowing, class will most likely be canceled.

If school is canceled and class is on, you are welcome to bring your child to the 9am class, so long as your child can remain calm on the stage.
Your safety is a priority to me, so if you don’t feel safe, don’t travel.

BUT, if you’re gut tells you, you can travel, then suck it up and get your butt over here.  Remember one of the reasons you’re taking this class is to get in better shape and self discipline will help you get there.  You want to be a little tougher.  You want to do things that other people can’t.  You want to feel younger, leaner and stronger.  It’s empowering.

On potential snow days, I’ll set my alarm for 3:30am (some of your peers travel from west of 128 to be here) and to check outside and send you an e-mail.  If shoveling is needed we’ll have enough time.

You can check your e-mail or you can call 617.268.6232 to get the most current snow update.

Consider time for the following:

  • packing equipment, change of clothes & meals
  • putting on your snow boots, gloves, hat, etc..
  • shoveling out driveway, car, scraping windshields
  • driving slow like you’re a senior in the south to make sure you arrive safely
  • unloading, changing footware and getting on the floor for 6am sharp.

For 9am classes if schools are canceled, main roads are plowed, class will most likely be on.  You are welcome to bring your children as long as they can be calm on the stage.

For 6:30pm classes, if there is a snow emergency and everyone is leaving work early (roads are packed with cars) class will be canceled.

Weekly Themes

Each week we’ll have a different theme and even some days we’ll have a different theme.  Themes make your experience more fun and remind you of how your body will be feeling or what you’ll be doing.

Week 1:  Intro / Measurements & Orientation / Pre-Camp Testing / Very Sore Week

Week 2:  Less Sore Week

Week 3:  Local Guest Day / Fast Week / Progression Week

Week 4:  Progression Week Ends / Challenge Week Begins

Week 5:  Challenge Week / Post Camp Testing / Measurements by Appointment

Cardio Minutes:

Time Day 1 Day 2 Day 3 Total
6am 20 21 20 61
9am 20 21 22 63
6:30pm 20 21 20 61

*this is possibly the best we’ve ever done during our 1st week; high five!

Guest Day

I’m often asked, “can I bring a friend” or ‘can I come and watch your class?”  Yes, but only on select dates and times.

Local guest day is scheduled for the middle class of the 3rd week.  You are welcome to bring a guest to class on one of the below dates.  Local guest day builds your support circle and lets your friends understand better what you do to look and feel so great.

  • 6:30pm, 1/26 @ Mackenzie Center
  • 6am, 1/27 @ B&G Club
  • 9am, 1/27 @ Mackenzie Center

All guests must complete a registration packet PRIOR to participation.  Guest day is a courtesy gesture from your peers and me.  Please DO NOT put me on the spot by having your guest arrive unannounced without prior completion of a waiver.  Click Here to download and e-mail your guest a registration packet to complete.

Non-Local/Out of Town Guest Day:

These guests are welcome anytime, but must be planned with me.  Please have these guests complete the guest registration packet and submit via e-mail prior to attendance.  You’ll never have to skip a beat when family, friends or colleagues are visiting.  Just bring them with you and create a new bond.

Measurements & Testing

M&T will now be separated to make it easier for you to participate.  Testing will be on the 1st and last class of all 4, 5 & 6 week phases.  There will be no testing on a 3 week phase.

Measurements will be held on a weekend morning from 8am to 9:30am-ish before the start of boot camp and at the end of boot camp by appointment.  Each appointment will last 4 minutes in length (you can make time for 4 minutes).  I will send out an email asking you to rsvp.  When you rsvp I’ll reply with your scheduled time.

The reason we have M&T is to track your progress over time.

If you’d like to be measured on a date other than what is offered please contact me regarding my private training services.  You can hire me to meet you for a private appointment.

Recovery Week Cardio

Reply below with your RWC minutes for recovery week (RW) #1, #2 & #3.  Guys your goal was 252, ladies 360.  If you hit it, you deserve a high five, so be sure to tell me.


I “think” I’ve finally chosen a merchant account.  Talk about a new learning experience.  December payments will be processed over the course of this week and next and then recur as written in your agreement.  Thank you for your flexibility and patience.

Change Your Body Challenge

Sally Babigian, our fall 2009 winner, let me interview her about her experience.  It’ll be posted online soon and you’ll get an e-mail when it’s ready.

Post Below

Please post a comment below answering the following questions.  Thank you!

  • How you felt this week?
  • 1 word to describe the “shoulder finisher”
  • Recovery Week Cardio Minutes:  RW #1, RW#2, RW#3
  • 2010 Week 1 Cardio Minutes

That’s all folks.  See you tomorrow if the weather allows.

Your coach,

Mike Alves

Newton Boot Camp