2014, P9, Week 3 Recap

Happy September to you! I hope you had a great summer and you’re ready to make a recommitted effort towards your 2014 goals and have a strong, fun and fulfilling finish to your year.  To help you with this, I’ve decided I’ll simply send out cardio minutes and challenge workouts...
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2014, P9, Challenge Week In Class Results

Challenge Workout #1 – Team (W-A):  complete max rds of CW#1 in 25min. Foam Roll (5min): see above for individual exercises Quick Movement Prep:  5min (50:10) Side-Lying Windmill x6e ½ Kneeling Hip Flexor Mobes @ Wall x8e Quadruped Opposites x8e 3-Way Flat Ankle Mobes x5e Spider...
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