11 Reasons You Must Sign Up for Year End Measurements & Testing

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11 Reasons You Must SIGN UP for Measurements & Testing.

In case you need extra reasoning why you want to sign up for all of these options here are 11 reasons (I chose 11 b/c I got married on 11/11/11).

#1.  REGRET.  You do not want to MISS AN OPPORTUNITY to capture and record your 2011 measurements & testing results.  I’ve got results going back to 1996.  You might REGRET it.

#2.  AFTERS.  You most likely have your BEFORE measurements, but what are your most recent and specifically your YEAR END 2011 measurements.

#3.  FAST.  It’s fast.  It only takes 4 minutes to be measured and you get an appointment.

#4.  MOTIVATION.  Your measurements will motivate you to make the right choices during the holidays.

#5.  STORY.  You can never have enough STORIES and Measuring & Testing will give you more stories for the holidays.

#6.  NEW EXPERIENCE.  Have you ever tested?  It’s fun (well, a Mike Alves kind of fun) to see how strong, fast and enduring you are.

#7.  RECORDS.  Testing provides an opportunity for you to set a personal record, compete against normative data and compete for class records.

#8.  EXTRA CARDIO MINUTES.  Testing counts as cardio.  You can get at least 30 min extra towards your cardio goal.

#9.  SHAKES, BARS or SNACKS.  You get to have a shake, bar or snack just before testing so you have the energy to perform at a high level.  Have you ever heard me encourage you to do this?  This is the 3rd progression on the nutrition plan.  (1.  weight loss, 2.  fat loss / weight maintenance, 3.  performance & muscle building).

#10.  IN CLASS CHALLENGE WORKOUTS.  In class challenge workouts are far preferred over doing challenge workouts on your own.

#11.  HEALTH & WELL-BEING.  The 2 BONUS Workouts next week will be 30-35 minutes of attention to soft tissue quality, mobility, flexibility, corrective exercises, muscle activation and more static stretching.  This means people with tight & rounded shoulders, tight hips & low backs, recurring foot / ankle tight spots and knee pain will get great attention.

Cheers and Sign Up now.

Yours changing lives,

Mike Alves



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