Bring A Buddy Month

January is “Bring a Buddy Month” / Win an Ipad*.

I’m serious about getting you results and I know from personal experience the right social environment can help you earn results faster, whereas the wrong social environment just pulls you down & wears you out every time you try to change.


“Bring a Buddy Month”. Invite as many family members, friends, neighbors or co-workers as you like to join you and they’ll participate for FREE, for the month of January. *Whichever boot camper refers the MOST “buddies” who join & become members gets a chance to win a Brand New Ipad.

I’m serious about getting you results and I want to help you build up the most empowering, resistance free social circle we can. Refer a buddy, build an empowering culture of change outside of class, get a chance to win an Ipad, get FASTER Results and enjoy the entire experience along the way.

Let me help you find a buddy.

Post this to Facebook:

post #1: (post this a.s.a.p.)

“I just recommitted to Change Your Body Boot Camps for another ENTER TERM LENGTH HERE because 2011 is going to be an AWESOME year for me and I know changing my body will give me the strength, energy & courage to help me transform my life. Who wants to join me? Go here to sign up: http://bootcampboston.com/1weektrial.”

post #2: (post this Thursday morning);

“Just a reminder that I’ve already taken action on my fitness resolutions for 2011 by recommitting to Change Your Body Boot Camps for another ENTER YOUR TERM LENGTH HERE. Coach Mike wants to help me get faster results by getting my social circle in shape too, so he said, “anyone who puts your name down as their ‘referred by’ source, gets January’s program for free”. This is sweet deal. Go here to sign up: http://bootcampboston.com/1weektrial. FYI, Midnight tonight is the deadline to register. Call me or message me if you have any questions.”

Post this on Twitter:

tweet #1: (tweet a.s.a.p.)

“Recommitted to Change Your Body Boot Camps to help ensure a kick butt 2011. Want to be my workout buddy? Go to: http://tinyurl.com/24xc464

tweet #2: (tweet on Thursday morning):

“Be my workout buddy: Coach said if you put my name down as you’re ‘referred by’ source, you’ll get Jan for free. http://tinyurl.com/24xc464

tweet #3: (tweet immediately after tweet #3):

“Get in shape with me and we’ll both have an awesome 2011. Deadline to register is midnight tonight. Go to: http://tinyurl.com/24xc464

Send this through email:

email #1:


I’m so excited. I made my goals for 2011 and I’ve already started taking action on them. One of them is to INSERT YOUR GOAL HERE and I’ve taken action by committing to weekly exercise with Change Your Body Boot Camps for the next INSERT YOUR TERM LENGTH HERE.

It’s not your typical commercial gym group ex class, where they use fancy this’s or that’s, have different instructors each class or teach workouts for super fit people. It’s a full service program (includes strength, conditioning, nutrition, flexibility, culture, coaching, ongoing support, etc…) designed to get busy, out of shape and overweight people into their best shape using minimal equipment, teaching do anywhere workouts in an empowering environment of change.

Coach Mike teaches 3 levels for each strength exercise, so if you’re strong at 1 thing, but weak at another you can still do it. He pre-screens everyone to make sure they’re a good fit (healthy, ready and not a complainer) and he makes it fun. The music is great, the people are cool and the program works. Of course it’s not easy, you’re going to sweat and you’ll be sore for your first week, but it’s AWESOME.

Anyways, if you want to check it out, go here: http://bootcampboston.com/1weektrial. The deadline to register is midnight, Thursday, December 30. Classes begin on Monday, Jan 3rd.

Wishing you the Happiest New Year!

Your friend and possible workout buddy,


p.s. here’s the link again to learn more: http://bootcampboston.com/1weektrial

email #2:


Just a reminder that tonight is the deadline (last chance) to register for Change Your Body Boot Camps and be my boot camp workout buddy for January. Coach Mike wants to help me get faster results by getting my social circle in shape too, so he said, “anyone who puts your name down as their ‘referred by’ source, gets January’s program for free”. This is sweet deal. Go here to sign up: http://bootcampboston.com/1weektrial. Call me or email me if you have any questions.”



#1: copy, paste & share the done for you messages to facebook, twitter and email
#2: send your friends to bootcampboston.com/1weektrial to sign up
#3: have them call me or you call me with questions, 617.268.6232
#4: get yourself ready to have a BIG month and an AWESOME 2011.

Your coach,

Mike Alves

Newton Boot Camp
Newton Personal Trainer
Online Coaching

“buddies” must be a good fit for us (only people who are pain & injury free, can at least walk a mile, are ready and are not complainers) and go through the traditional registration / pre-screening process;

“buddies” must record your name under the “referred by” section in the registration packet; if “buddies” say multiple people referred them, then the WRITTEN NAMES get a percent share of the referral (e.g. 2 people refer same person, each referrer gets 0.5 referral credit towards contest; 3 people refer same person, each person gets 0.33 referral credit towards contest.

Every person you refer this month (who puts your name down on their registration packet) will get to train with you for the month of January for FREE (phase 1 only) and will qualify you to win an Ipad. Whoever has the most “buddies” who sign membership agreements, wins!

tiebreaker #1: greatest total of combined buddy membership months wins;

tiebreaker #2: closest to 100% personal attendance by you in January based on the # of classes you’re signed up for

tiebreaker #3: greatest % of your cumulative personal cardio goal for the 3 week phase AND the 1 week recovery week. (it could be equal or greater than 100%)

tiebreaker #4: TBD

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About the Author
is the owner and founder of Athletes by Alves a performance training company and co-owner of Change Your Body Boot Camps a full service lifestyle transformation program. He is a Licensed and Certified Athletic Trainer with the Prestigious National Athletic Trainers Association and a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist with the World Renowned National Strength and Conditioning Association. As a coach and trainer he has helped thousands of people return to health, improve their shape and achieve personal bests through performance training.

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