2010, p1, post camp measurements

Saturday, February 13, 2010 will be post boot camp Measurements. Measurements is how we track your progress and determine what is or is not working. If you haven’t had your measurements recorded yet, that’s o.k. Come anyways and then we’ll have something to compare to later.

Measurements will be by appointment beginning at 8am. Please reply below and I’ll reply back to you with your time. Please do not reply to me via email.

Your coach,


p.s. this was the toughest phase to date. Give yourself a high five for training hard.

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is the owner and founder of Athletes by Alves a performance training company and co-owner of Change Your Body Boot Camps a full service lifestyle transformation program. He is a Licensed and Certified Athletic Trainer with the Prestigious National Athletic Trainers Association and a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist with the World Renowned National Strength and Conditioning Association. As a coach and trainer he has helped thousands of people return to health, improve their shape and achieve personal bests through performance training.
  1. kim santilli Reply

    hi mike, i’d prefer 8am if possible. thanks!

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  2. Jack Goldsmith Reply

    Earlier the better please

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  3. Carol Vaghar Reply

    Hi Mike –
    I’d like to come and get measurements on Staurday morning.



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  4. Melissa Locke Reply

    Hi Mike,
    I would like to come at 8:30am. Please let me know if this time is available.


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  5. Alicia Reply

    Please schedule me with the earliest time you currently have available.

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  6. janice copley Reply

    Mike, please can I have a time at 8:40 or after. Thank you, Janice Copley

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  7. Jennifer Mendelsohn Reply

    Replying back for a measurements appt.

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  8. Jamie Schnitzer Reply

    Hi Mike, I have to work on Saturday so if I could go as early as possible that would be great!

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  9. Marisa Reply

    I’ll open for you around 7:45

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  10. charlotte vanlier Reply

    Hi Mike, any time will work just fine, thanks!

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  11. Quyen Reply

    What time can I come by?

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  12. kim santilli Reply

    are these at the boys and girls club again as well?

  13. Katy Reply

    Mike – I’m not available from 9-10:30. Is there any time either before or after? – Katy

  14. Carol Vaghar Reply

    Mike – have you posted appointment times yet.

  15. Mike Alves Reply

    Good evening!

    Tomorrow, Mackenzie Center, 1337 Centre St, Newton Centre, MA

    8am, Marisa C
    8:00a, Jamie S
    8:04a, Kim S
    8:08a, Jack G
    8:12a, Carol V
    8:16a, Alicia S
    8:20a, Jennifer M
    8:24a, Charlotte V
    8:28a, Quyen C
    8:32a, Melissa L
    8:36a, Katy C
    8:40a, Janice C

    I thought I was being efficient by having you post onto the blog. I thought it would send you an automatic email, when I replied. I also thought by replying to you and just posting the time, it would reply directly to you and it would be simple, but…

    Thank you for your patience, emails, texts and voice messages.

    See you tomorrow.


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